Fueling foresight. 

The New New delivers a curated view into the discoveries, launches, trends, and movements shaping tomorrow—all explored through broad landscapes, from labs and studios to businesses and culture.

Published monthly(ish) by Brent Turner.

Brent is a seasoned strategist and leader in the world of brand experience.

With his teams across the US and in the heart of London, he leads strategy and solutions at Opus Agency, working with some of the world's most valuable brands.

Previously, Brent has been the Chief Digital Officer at MIT, thrived during two startup-to-IPO adventures, and successfully sold his own company.

Driven by Curiosity.

The New New captures Brent's deep curiosity and passion for scoops of perception.

Each issue showcases fascinating discoveries and trends shaping our world, offering original perspectives alongside a curated view into the "newest of the new" shaping our future.

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Fueling foresight with the discoveries, launches, trends, and movements emerging from labs, studios, businesses, and culture. Published monthly(ish).


@Work --> EVP Strategy and Solutions for Opus Agency. We partner with world-shaping brands on their flagship experiences. @Home --> writes The New New.